The next generation of drivers may need to get up to speed on driving skills

The next generation of drivers may need to get up to speed on driving skills and the rules of the road faster than previous generations for a number of reasons beneficial to their future. Finding ways to encourage young drivers to start learning safe driving practices early and teaching them about the dangers of not …

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Delivery Drivers
Make Your Drivers Safe, Ideas to Protect Your Delivery Drivers

Every business venture which hires for a delivery drivers has to think of the safety of their employees. The laborer you employ is not there on the roads for nothing, but for the service you require from them. There are lots of bad situations that may happen anytime. So you have to secure them also …

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Driver Fatigue
How to Monitor Driver Fatigue on the Road

Exhaustion can influence anybody and is accepted to be a contributing factor in no less than 12% of vehicular collisions. When you’re exhausted, your judgment and basic leadership turn out to be gravely influenced and you respond more gradually than you would typically. Besides, less ready to judge how drained you are, which means you’re …

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Driver Distraction
Driver Distraction – Battle For the Dashboard

This might be one of the most trending issues about car concepts in the near future. How much could a certain driver handle? The competition to such communication and in-car entertainment has increased beyond recognition, as has the list of cost on hardware like worldwide positioning program receivers and display screens has been plummeted,” which …

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